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Welcome to the official website of the company  "VostokMashComplect" Ltd!

Company "VostokMashKomplekt" supplies for export and domestic market rolled ferrous, nonferrous, rare and refractory metals, raw materials for their production, as well as scrap metal, industrial equipment and tools. In addition, upon request of our clients, we supply products from ferrous and nonferrous metals, industrial chemicals and reagents.

The main priorities of the company are to provide prompt execution of orders, favorable pricing on goods and services and high level of service.
You will be offered convenient options for ordering, the optimal transport schemes delivery, customs clearance and other services designed to minimize the time from order entry to the successful completion of the transaction.

We have a modern technological base for the discharge of high-precision spectral rapid analysis, weighing on electronic scales of your materials.
Our site is always available with current stock quotes, latest market news of rare and refractory metals. You can also ask our experts in the section "Contact Us".

We hope that after you become acquainted with our price list, we'll see you among our clients. And what were satisfied with the quality of service after the first transaction, you'll be in the category of permanent clients. We in turn try to make your work with the company the most comfortable and profitable.

Sincerely company VostokMashComplect.

Our company invites you to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions!


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